Unique Seasoning Blends for Individuals and Businesses

Bayou's Herb & Season is engaged in manufacturing, marketing and distributing:

  • Spices

  • Seasoning Mixes

  • Condiments and Other Flavorful Products


We offer an expanding variety of seasonings and spices as well as the customized Spice Laboratory blending service.


We market to individuals and the food industry (e.g., food retailers, food manufacturers, and food service businesses). 


Sales, distribution and production facilities are located in Houston, Texas.


Bayou's Herb & Season's mission is to source the finest spices and herbs directly from growers for processing and blending with optimal quality and food safety standards. We believe that anyone can cook if given education and encouragement. Our representatives are ready to personally assist you with recipes, product development, placing orders and keeping you informed of advancements in the spice industry.

Quality Standards and Capabilities

Quality control and food safety are the most important aspects of our overall operations.


Equipped with a host of grinders, we can assist you with all of your quality spice and seasoning blends – whether you are working with whole, re-cleaned spices, ground spices, stock blends, proprietary blends, or custom products.

Hello and Welcome to Bayou's!

My name is Leslie Charleston, owner of Bayou's Herb & Season. I was born in Texas and descend from exceptional cooks, home gardeners, smokehouse BBQ aficionados, restaurant owners, service staff and herbalists.


For many years I have discussed cooking techniques and herbal remedies, and swapped recipes with my family and friends. These experiences have helped to inspire the specialized seasoning blends and recipes that are used in the areas that my family and friends live in and descend from across the world.

I believe that spices, herbs and minerals are included into our foods for enjoyment and nourishment, and these ingredients give our foods diversity and a highly distinct flavor. I enjoy collecting spices from afar and using them in fusion with time tested recipes and cooking techniques, local food sources, and new trending diverse cultural recipes.

I love flavorful food so much that I bring you Chilean Paprika, African Black Pepper, Indian Curry, Russian Salt, Madagascar peppers, Vietnamese Ginger, German Nutmeg, Chinese Sichuan peppers, Italian Basil, Thai Dragon Peppers, Organic herb gardens of Texas, Mexican Vanilla, Swiss Chocolate, French Thyme, Jamaican Scotch Bonnet peppers, Mediterranean Nigella Sativa, the list is ever growing....all to bring you the opportunity to feed the ones that you love with flavors that arouse the very fiber of who we are.

Many of the Specialty Blends are named after the water sources nearest my ancestors through time, spanning from Charleston, South Carolina to the heart of the southwest.