Custom Spice Blends to Compliment the Food YOU Love.

We all have different tastes and food preferences. Bayou's Herb and Season offers a specialized blending service that can assist you in developing the custom flavor profiles you crave.

Less salt? More sugar? Omit paprika? Add exotic and rare spices? Our Spice Laboratory will mix your seasonings to perfection.


From target samples, complete formulas, or often concept ideas, we can provide product matches for bench testing and production trial runs.


In building a flavor profile, Bayou's will act as knowledge base and guide to enhance and balance your dishes' depths and dimensions, with keen detail in achieving the high, medium and low flavor notes that you seek.


We offer several options in regards to sourcing the perfect flavor profile you seek.


Proprietary formulas are kept confidential.

Nutmeg  Ginger  Cinnamon  Saffron  Cumin  Paprika  Cardamom  Sumac  Rosemary  Star Anise  Allspice  Fenugreek  Chili Powder  Tamarind  Juniper Berry  Thyme  Basil  Chives  Dill  Parsley  Tarragon  Grains of Paradise  Coriander  Black Pepper  White Pepper  Fennel  Garam Masala  Garlic  Common Sage  Chervil  Mint  Mustard  Bay Leaf  Oregano  Caraway  Marjoram  Savory  Cayenne Pepper  Gulangal  Kaffir Lime  Horseradish  Ajwain  Chinese Cinnamon  Sesame  Long Pepper  Fines Herbes  Curry Powder  Duqqa  English Lavener  Advieh  Berbere  Harissa  Lemon Pepper  Mitmita  Garlic Powder  Mustard Seed  Bouquet Garni  Herbes de Provence  Ras el Hanout  Frankincense  Lovage  Beefsteak Plant  Zest  Smoked Paprika  Vanilla

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